2 Methods to Construct Powerful Goals

Year after year, many people set personal and professional goals for the New Year. However, many of these goals aren’t ever fully realized, because they are not properly structured to succeed. The cause is not a lack of effort or skill; rather the goals are composed in such a way that the language weakens the motivational and sustainable aspects.


Be Positive


As we approach the close of 2012, thoughts of New Year’s resolutions past come to mind, with every intention of doing better next year. That infamous “Going to Lose 10 Pounds” may be at the top of the list; however the underlying message is that there is something wrong with us. Using positive language to write positive goals is the first step. Shift your mindset from lack, loss, inability, or derailment; to hopefulness and actual realization. Transform your goal into a positive one by saying “I will eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.”


Be Specific


Make your goals specific, positive and energized. A positive and specific goal will attract what you need to know and the best tools to use in order to accomplish the goal. So, let’s take the above example and change it to say, “Today I get to walk 20 minutes before breakfast and will eat healthy to raise my energy levels.”


Be Empowered


As an executive coach and trainer, I am dedicated to helping professionals and businesses define their goals so they can make positive changes and experience the success they desire. For more information about the MGA group and individual coaching programs, please contact me at marlene@marlenegreenassociates.com

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