3 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

We deal with an increasing amount of stress every day.  It is very easy to succumb to the feelings of overwhelm which leads to feeling run-down, confused, directionless, and desperate.  You might feel like you are stranded in an ocean, treading water with no land in sight.  Overwhelm is a debilitating emotion that takes away reasoning.

Change your mindset

We all know that meditating, exercising, breathing and having friends to talk things over with help to overcome stress. In order to overcome overwhelm you need to create a mindset which is open to observing life in new possibilities.  This is more than just positive thinking.  It is the next step beyond the positive.  Rather than focusing on what can’t be changed, and wasting energy on the hopelessness of your situation, you become in tune with opportunity, resources you can leverage, and assets you can tap to get through the quicksand and back on the trail to success.  By controlling your mindset, you begin to have power over your thoughts.  Thoughts are real.  An overwhelm mindset is an obstacle mindset.  By focusing on overwhelm you are creating roadblocks to happiness.  By creating an opportunity mindset, obstacles and overwhelm gradually disappear.

One step at a time

Not everything needs to be done right now.  In fact, if you start to create a list of what you care about,  you will be able to start prioritizing what want to achieve today, which will take you to where you need to be tomorrow.  It is best to reflect before the day starts or even the night before.  Reward yourself for days that you stick to and achieve the goals you set out to achieve that day.  Give yourself the gold star, that extra acknowledgment, However if you did not get everything done declare it complete and begin again tomorrow.

Thinking in a certain way

Have you ever seen the episodes of people that hoard objects in their house?  They have so much accumulated that there is literally nowhere to go, no place to put anything new.  Yet they keep buying and are afraid to give up anything.  We do this in life as well.  Overwhelm comes from the fear of letting go of old habits of thinking.  The best way to overcome overwhelm is to learn to identify invisible conversations that are undermining us. It is a practice that takes time and effort. Most of us need a coach to help us identify our negative thinking and stay in the practice of thinking in possibility.


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