5 Reasons You Must Improve Communication Skills Now

5 Reasons You Must Improve Communication Skills Now

1. Great communicators can become great leaders

Leadership is a mandatory skill for advancement. Good leaders can make teams accomplish more. The bar of achievement is continually set higher. Each task becomes less daunting because you know you are able to draw on the talents of others in your team and that they are inspired to see any task through to successful completion. It takes these skills to smooth over conflicts and overcome obstacles. Read more

3 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

We deal with an increasing amount of stress every day.  It is very easy to succumb to the feelings of overwhelm which leads to feeling run-down, confused, directionless, and desperate.  You might feel like you are stranded in an ocean, treading water with no land in sight.  Overwhelm is a debilitating emotion that takes away reasoning. Read more

Stop Worrying

Worrying is a waste of time

Worrying is a waste of time.  It doesn’t provide anything supportive, only negative thinking and negative scenario outcomes. Worrying makes you feel like a victim and can take away all your power and energy.  Rather than focusing solutions and positive outcomes, you are focusing on possible negative outcomes that may never happen.  The mind is so powerful that when creative energy is focused on the negative, the whole universe seems to be conspiring to make the negative become reality.

This is difficult for some people. Worrying is like a water leak.  Once it starts, it doesn’t stop until the pipe bursts.  In fact, it grates on your nerves and creates undue and overwhelming stress for you and for everyone around you. Read more

Revitalize Your Focus

We are what we focus on.  No matter where we are in our life today, all the decisions we have made that have led us here all are caused by what we were focusing on along the way.  Many times we don’t even realize what we are focusing on.  Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with all of the influx of responsibilities and tasks and we lose track of what is important and what the bigger goals we really want to achieve.  The following suggestions will help revitalize your focus and get you back on track.
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Honor the Past Create the Future

It is important to honor the past, our memories, our relationships, our experiences.  They have shaped who we are today for good or ill.  Remember that nobody is perfect.  Even a parent or a friend that had once said or done something that hurt you are also dealing with issues from their own past which has shaped them and issues that you may not be privy to.  Honor them for being in your life and for the good that they have brought to you over the years.  Keep in mind that how we deal with the past, affects our present and our future.  Use the past as a history book that teach you lessons you may not have learned any other way, than by experiencing them.
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Turn Conflict into Powerful Collaboration

There is a misconception in collaboration studies that conflict will tear businesses apart and halt the cogs of progress at a company.  In fact, conflict can be a source for new ideas, new energy and a source for powerful and transformative change. The kind of conflict I am speaking about is “creative conflict” rather than “interpersonal conflict.”  Personal attacks are not beneficial, but methodologies, tasks, and many more concepts that relate to the business and work at hand are fair game to be dismantled, attacked and rebuilt anew.
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Importance of Patience

Everything you see and read extols the benefits of getting things immediately and with as little work as possible. Take cleaning clothes as a banal example. It is fast to pop them in the washer and dryer today, taking a maximum of 60 minutes to complete.

However, for thousands of years, washing clothes may have taken half a day to physically wash each garment and hang them on a clothesline to dry. Imagine the patience someone would have needed to accomplish the task.
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Art of Attraction

There is a growing body of scientific work that backs up the belief that we are all connected, as if there were giant magnets that pull us and push us together or away. At the basic level of science, we know that all things are energy. Matter is energy. Our bodies are energy. Our thoughts evoke great energy. By focusing on your target or goal, you can will it into existence. Of course, it takes more than just thought. Most of the time it requires great effort and work to achieve these goals. However, it begins with thoughts, and a vision of achieving specific goals.
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3 Ways to Balance Your Work & Life

Creating a work life balance is essential for achieving personal mastery in both business and in your personal life.  An imbalance can put stress on every area of your life, making either you feel like your life lacks meaning or that you are not achieving the results in business you want.  In either case you feel dissatisfaction and a sense that you are lacking something — a void that is difficult to fill.
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