Build Your Best Future With 3 Goals

If you could go back in time to an earlier YOU and you could advise yourself to change course and do something different, what would that be?  How would you advise yourself?  What goals would you be able to tell yourself back then so that you would have a different and more successful present?  Chances are the advice you would have given is not far from the advice you should give yourself now.  If I were to look into a crystal ball and pick out 3 life goals that most people will pick, the first will probably have to do with changing a lifestyle such as becoming healthier, losing weight or something similar.  A second common life goal has to do with money and wealth acquisition.  The third often deals with having more leisure time to do what you value the most.  You may have other goals, but these are the most common. Write down your goals now and then do the following things here:

Woman looking at her reflection and thinking how things could be different.

Put legs under your goals

Your goals are like tables.  They can only stand if you have enough legs under them.  If you want to gain better health you have to start eating properly, exercise 5 times a week, etc.  But in order to make this a real goal, you have to see yourself as someone who has health.  The goal is part of your personality, your essence of you.

Ask yourself if you don’t achieve this goal, how disappointed would you be?  How disappointed would your family and friends be?  How would your life be different 2, 5, 10 years from now if you didn’t do the things to make this goal a reality?  You need a sense of urgency to make any goal a reality.

Eliminate Doubt and Fear

An underlying killer to achieving the goals that lead to your best future is Fear.  Sometimes there is a fear of wasting time, of getting hurt, of failure or other fears.  Your subconscious may voice doubts about your ability to have 6 pack abs, or a million in cash in the bank.  Remember that all successful people have fears and doubts.  You just have to thank the voices in your head, the fears you face and move forward.  Take baby steps.  Don’t take too much on at once.  You have to train your body to run one block before you can run a mile, and a mile before you can do a marathon.

A good way to eliminate doubt and fear is to be part of a support group like a mastermind in order to feel like you are not alone in your fear. Groups give you a pack mentality.  You can achieve more than others can as a group. The group gives you confidence and a singleness of focus.  Find others that want to achieve the same goals as you.  Use them to fuel your success.

Don’t be Perfect, Take Action Instead

There will never be a better (more perfect) time to work toward your goals than now.  You don’t need more money, more intelligence, more degrees, or permission from anyone other than you.  Take action.  It is OK to make mistakes.  It is OK to be told No or be rejected.  Keep taking action and you will succeed.  The greatest success stories in the world started with initial failures.  Each failure you face is one step closer to you achieving your goal.


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