Building Great Relationships

Building great relationships is key to creating unmatched wealth. In the end it is the memory bank of experiences you have had with others that will allow you to look back and smile on all the happiness you have experienced. Just like a bank, the more you put into it, the more compounding growth you will have to take out of it.

Start Somewhere

We have many relationships going on simultaneously. Family, friends, coworkers, clients all may be in varying stages of a relationship.Your relationship may be strong with some and weak with others. No matter where you are on the relationship scale, consider this the starting point for greater possibility. Even a poor relationship can be resurrected with some conscious effort. Good relationships can be enhanced. Even if you think you are in a fantastic relationship, there is always another level to reach, a deeper connection to be found.

Get Over Your Own Pride

At times we are in our own way. Pride and ego is typically the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to improving relationships. One persons pride may cause them to hold back from giving to someone else because they play in a game that only one person can win. Another person might have felt pain or hurt in the past and are afraid of getting “hurt again.”These are examples of allowing the “self” to limit the capacity of a relationship.Turn the volume down on your own ego, and allow yourself to build relationships today.

Be a Risk-Taker

Fear is a palpable emotion. It isn’t real, but our mind makes it so. With fear, it is difficult to start new relationships, or take existing relationships to new levels. It is the risk-taker that “gets love” in all the movies, and it is just so in real life. Fear is the defense mechanism of the ego. It tries to shield and protect the ego from wrongs or hurts. However it limits your capacity to achieve great relationships. Nobody who is afraid of taking action will get anywhere.You have to expose your vulnerability in order to increase your strength.Think of it like building a muscle. If you don’t push yourself to the limits of your current ability, your muscle can’t grow to accommodate your next challenge. It is by taking consistent risks, you can learn and grow, and experience new potentialities.


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