Building Social Capital

One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.” Who we are is exemplified by who is sitting at our table.

The people with whom you surround yourself can greatly influence your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Ultimately, success will come more naturally when you surround yourself with people that represent who you are, where you want to be and most importantly your values.

Have a strategy. If success is your goal, learn from those that have reached that goal. Be open to learning. Be clear on your vision and then go into action. Stay focused until you reach your goal. Do what you need to do to be able to materialize what is important to you.

Maya Angelou said “When people show you who they are, believe them.” People’s words and actions will always speak for them, just listen.  Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by emotions, misplaced loyalty or anything that might lead you down the wrong path.  Stay true to your values, missions and goals.

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Hollywood executives, TV personalities, Fortune 1000 executives, and C-level leaders. What’s the secret to my success? I’m always open to learning from others and stay focused to my mission values and goals. One common thread between all the people that sit at my table is they are successful intelligent people that have similar values to mine.  They have an ability to keep an open mind and allow others to challenge their beliefs and quickly identify opportunities that benefit everyone.

If you are not proud of the people sitting at your table, you may not have the network you need for success. Take action today. I can help you attract a network that is a win-win situation. A mirror of your values, mission and goals.


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