Getting Back to Business

Hurricane Irma brought a gamut of emotions to all of us affected, myself included. From fear, uncertainty and anxiety to gratitude, love, courage, and pride.

I made the decision to leave the state. While I spent a lot of time worrying about my city, neighbors and home, I was also able to appreciate the opportunity to spend some much-needed quality time with my family.

Whether you weathered the storm bunkered down in your own home, or watched it in real time from afar, we’re all trying to process intense emotions.

The aftermath of a disaster is often focused on getting back to normal. More than a week after Hurricane Irma devastated the Florida Keys and numerous South Florida cities, we are slowly starting to shed the mental and emotional bruises and redirect our energy.

If you’re feeling professionally scattered, especially after a stressful situation, you’re not alone. Let’s be grateful and focus on being present, managing our thinking, and being conscious of our choices.

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