I am so tired …

This is a complaint I hear over and over again from so many people in team building seminars and C-Suite consulting. I get it. C-Suite level executives and directors work hard. They tend to feel overworked and exhausted. However, those four little words are a contradiction to what a true leader does, which is lead.
People in leadership and management positions are particularly prone to feelings of exhaustion due to overwhelming workloads. These 3 steps will help you turn down the dial on “I’m so tired”:

  1. Set Boundaries

Take control of the situation by designing your own set of boundaries. The best way to do that is by creating your own language of limits to use as a communication tool that will allow you to communicate your limits to clients, friends and family.

Have you ever heard a child in a store ask for a candy or a trinket, only to have the parent kindly encourage them to put it back? As any parent can attest to, you can say no with subtlety and kindness, while still being firm and direct.

Even your best clients may ask for more from you than your contract requires. Create a statement of work. This is your road-map to communicate where boundaries lie.

  1. The Art of Presence

People are often unaware of the stress others can place on them. Leaders, women leaders in particular, get caught up in reaction. Some event happens, someone says or does something, and off you go to put out the fire.

When you react you lose control. The better action is to be present and understand what is actually happening. Leaders that master the art of presence become more effective and can grow their business faster because they are unaffected by the “treadmill of reaction.”

  1. Focus

It is critically important to be intentional about the important things in life, business, and friendship. In order to do that you must learn to communicate your motivations with others. By limiting your focus, you can hone in on the two or three things you need to do today to make progress towards your goal.

When you have focus and are present and in the moment, you can see what your goal is and obstacles that appear in your way become temporary challenges that are easy to overcome. We have a limited amount of energy, time and resources. However, by having focus, these resources become plentiful again.

There are always going to be times in our lives that are going to be more hectic than others. Hopefully these strategies will be helpful during those times. If you’re still having a hard time striking a balance, know that Marlene Green and Associates can help you create a lasting change. Contact us to start building your reserve of you back up again.


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