Leaders That Delegate Double Their Effectiveness

Leaders who delegate tasks can get more done

If you are a business leader, and yet are working in the trenches doing everything that flies across your desk, you are not being as effective as you could be.  The only way to move forward is to learn how to delegate work to others so you can focus on the bigger tasks.

It isn’t effective to just be busy.  If you sit down and made a list of all the things that you could do today to get you closer to your bigger goals, chances are many of the things you are doing today would be just considered busy work and won’t help you close the gap to your goals.  In fact, you could even argue that doing these low level tasks is a kind of PROCRASTINATION.  I am not saying that doing work that has to get done is not important.  If it helps you deliver value to your client then by all means it should be done.  But often, this work can be outsourced or given to a hired employee so that you can focus on bigger tasks that get you closer to your ideal goals.

What should you delegate?

Repetitive tasks that can easily be done by others should be outsourced or delegated.  Hire people that can really help you and think on their feet.  Give them the ability to make decisions and take action without your direct supervision.  This lets you focus on other things.  Give them authority to make decisions.  Even if you have to tell them – if you have to solve a problem and it will cost less than $200, do it.  You can always follow up later and get a report of issues that were solved this way, but at least that takes the burden off your plate and gives the employee power to truly make a difference to the business.

Set up a system

The more you can systematize your repetitive actions, the more efficient people will become and the more accurate they will be.  Set up a system for New Client Acquisitions.  If you get a client, the staff has to do A, B, C and so on until the client is fully set up and ready to give you projects and orders.  If a client places the order, set up a system for placing the order, following up, etc.  Make a checklist that has to be followed and filled out for everything that is worthwhile to your business.  The more systems that are in place the more successful you will become.

Make sure you follow through on your biggest tasks

If you do the above items, you should have free time to focus on the bigger things.  You might focus on getting better marketing, doing networking, going and setting up meetings with potential partners, referral partners, etc.  You may focus on developing products or acquiring the rights to sell other products from other businesses.  Sometimes there are key business hang-ups that can keep you from selling more services and products.  If you are competing against bigger competitors, you often have less products or services and may need to focus on how you can make your offerings better than theirs.

Survey your clients and develop an AVATAR of the perfect client you want to go after.  And go after them.  What does your avatar do for a living?  What do they like?  What do they hate?  What do they spend time on?  How big is the organization that has this target client?  How can you find these people?  What groups do they belong to?  When you understand what your perfect client looks like, thinks like and wants, it is easy for you to go after and find them.  When you speak to them, you are speaking to the avatar which you know and have spent time customizing solutions just for them.  Now that is value, that people will want to trade you for money.


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