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invisible-conversationsInvisible Conversations

This book is a guide to understanding and becoming aware of the conversations you have about yourself or others that stand in the way of your success. Once we begin to understand why we have them and how we can change them, we can start being in control of our thoughts and not have our thoughts control us.

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7 Secrets of Attraction

Do you want to be one of the most sought-after experts in your field? The 7 Secrets of Attraction training helps business people find more business by enhancing relationships with others. By understanding the keys of attraction you will be able to turn on attraction like a switch. This will not only increase your success in business but also will help you in your personal relationships with friends, a spouse, and family. This system for attracting success has proven invaluable to a wide range of leaders. It increases business and influence, and builds effective teams. The 7 Secrets of Attraction consistently help people achieve greater satisfaction in business and in life. Attraction is at the base of all success. Attraction starts from within and then is reflected outwardly in gestures, manners, body language, attitude, and really everything we do. As a leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, I have found that your personal image plays an important part in attracting results. Attraction makes a huge difference in the attitudes of others. In fact, the formula is simple: Attraction = Success

You can achieve greater success today. No matter what it is you are striving for, attraction is a key element that can make things easy for you. You don’t need to be a supermodel to be attractive. In fact, 90% of attraction is NOT based on looks. Yet, this doesn’t stop the fashion industry from painting the picture that looks are the ONLY thing that matters. This is absolutely false and absurd. The proven techniques offered in this book will help you to kindle a lifelong attraction that others will find irresistible.

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