Team Transform

Every team operates within a culture they’ve created – grounded in habits and behaviors that have become the norm. The key to a stronger team is transforming these habits and behaviors, especially in the core areas of communication, leadership, and trust. Together, we will map the underlying team patterns, understand what’s working and not working, and then teach, coach, and practice a new teamwork culture.

Team Transform is customized for every team, but will be built on the 4-step Team Transform foundation:

1. MG Habits & Practices Survey

A quick but well-rounded input tool to pinpoint key strengths and roadblocks in current team behavior.

2. Team Culture Immersion & Design Sessions

MGA will lead team workshops to map team goals and current team patterns, as well as create a mindset and plan for new team patterns.

3. Team & Individual Intent Plans (TIIPs)

The team will be taught how to use a simple tool to continually establish priorities & goals, set dates and accountabilities, review progress and make adjustments. This will be put into practice at the team level as well as at the individual level.

4. Shadow Coaching

MGA will observe team dynamics and individual contributions to those dynamics in real meeting situations.  Based on these shadowing observations, MGA will provide personal feedback, teaching, and coaching to the team members to support the development of the new team patterns.