Overcoming Fear – Why you should NOT be afraid

Overcoming fear is one of the key ways to become successful.  Fear is something built into our human body.  The whole idea of fear is self-preservation.  In the bush, it keeps you safe from lions, tigers and bears.  But in the information age we live in, fear can be deadly.  It can keep you from achieving, succeeding and aggressively pursuing your dreams.

Where do you want be?

If you want to change your life and accomplish more, become happier, improve the quality of your finances and relationships, you need to eliminate fear.  Taking chances and accepting risk is the only way to achieve excellence.  Don’t be afraid to push against the lid that is keeping you within your comfort zone.  In order to gain more confidence and create deeper relationships, gain more time for the things you enjoy and increase your financial success you need to push through obstacles.  More often than not, you are the biggest obstacle and fear is the thing keeping you stuck in the mud.
Time Management

Be consistent

The only way to eliminate fear is by practice.  Fear is always there. It is part of the primitive human brain.  However you can recognize its existence and put it back on the shelf to gather dust.  If you are consistent with going after your goals you will come face to face with fear over and over again.  Practice your response to fear.  Say “Thank you for your concern, but I am fine.”


Take consistency to a new extreme.  Make an effort in every facet of your life.  Make sure your mood corresponds with who you want to be.  Dress for success and ask others for guidance on how you are coming across.  Convey your goals by modeling the behavior and image of the person you want to become.  Your life is a stage.  Make sure you are ON and don’t let fear of what others think, your doubting mind, or past failures keep you from sabotaging the person you know you can be.

Do not apologize for who you are

Be who you want to be.  Love it.  Unlike animals of the wild, we can change our stripes.  We don’t have one outfit of fur.  Great leadership is a skill we can obtain.  Great confidence is within our grasp.  We can have deeply satisfying relationships with friends, family, lovers, clients and coworkers.  If we focus on what we want to achieve, go after it and get it.  We can have greater time for the things we love to do. Greater power, wealth and freedom are within our grasp at any time.

You are your own champion.  To achieve excellence be brave enough to face fear and come out ahead.  Conquer fear and conquer your life.


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