Reviewing and Adjusting Goal Objectives

Goals are multi-dimensional, predetermined mileposts you place along your life’s journey. Your objectives, intentions, and actions are what propel you toward their successful completion. Still, the saying, “Man plans and God laughs,” comes to mind whenever changing circumstances, personnel resistance, or direct competition appears to interfere.  How you adjust and adapt your strategies will affect the overall outcome of your success or failure to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Adapting to Change

In today’s world there is a constant flow of information from mass media, Internet, competitor analysis, clients, partners, and staff. Many of these sources may offer well-intentioned suggestions and ideas. Yet sometimes these can just be distractions, keeping you from accomplishing anything. How can you tell the difference? While your core goal depends on things you can do, sometimes, people and businesses become distracted with things they can’t do well. It is important to remember, you can’t be great at everything. It takes personal leadership to keep your objective in focus and the confidence to rely on the strengths of your team to complement and sustain it.


Reviewing Your Goals

Just as you have scheduled your goal’s action steps over a timeline, the steps you complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and their results will affect the long-range outcome. Goals need to be reviewed, revisited, and sometimes adapted in order to be accomplished. How frequently they are reviewed really depends on the specificity of the goal.  Good questions to ask yourself during the review process are: “Am I doing my best to achieve this goal?” And, “What can I do today (or this week) to make this goal more of a reality?”


Moving Forward

Many well-intentioned goals get bogged down when too much is going on and there doesn’t appear to be any time to review your goals and make the necessary course corrections. This is where an executive coach and trainer can bring order and clarity to your situation. If you want to learn how to positively respond to changes and maintain your momentum, contact me today at or call 773-294-0749.

Next week, we’ll look at “What Do You Want To Achieve in 2013?”


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