Revitalize Your Focus

We are what we focus on.  No matter where we are in our life today, all the decisions we have made that have led us here all are caused by what we were focusing on along the way.  Many times we don’t even realize what we are focusing on.  Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with all of the influx of responsibilities and tasks and we lose track of what is important and what the bigger goals we really want to achieve.  The following suggestions will help revitalize your focus and get you back on track.

Give thought to planning your day

Some people meditate.  Some people pray.  The more gregarious prefer to bounce things off of a friend or significant other.  The bottom line is that everyone needs to give the mind some time to let loose.  This is where the creative solutions to your daily challenges can come into play.  Don’t let the inspirational ideas pass by without jotting them down into a notepad or to do list.  You might do this at night or in the morning.  But the key is to make this a habit that you can stick to.  Even ten minutes can give you a perspective on how to plan a successful day.

Build a history of success

During your daily planning sessions, answer this, “I would be very happy if I could just accomplish ….. today.”  Be reasonable and fair to yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Make achievable goals so that you can build a history of success.  This boosts your confidence, energy and gives you a winning attitude that is inspirational to you and to people around you.

Be aware of distractions

There are many distractions today from social media sites, to email, to phone calls with customers and colleagues.  Start becoming aware of what drags you down and keeps you from accomplishing the goals you are setting each day.  Try to keep on a schedule.  Make a point to work out at the same time, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same times, and schedule plenty of sleep.  Sleep deprivation is an epidemic in today’s world.  Lack of sleep alone can keep you from achieving a powerful sense of focus and no amount of caffeine can give that winner’s edge.


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