Your Blueprint for Life and Business

Do you want to achieve more in your life and business?  Would you like to move forward, fulfilling your goals and dreams?  You can actually do all of this more easily than you think. But I’ll let you in on a secret. You can’t do it alone.

I often see executives who are talented, intelligent, and motivated, but getting frustrated with their lack of progress. They are working hard, but not achieving their dreams.

Coaching is an extremely beneficial investment that guarantees returns and helps you to see the same situation in a new way. It gives you power over your challenges, instead of being a victim of them.

Coaching increases effectiveness, broadens thinking, and empowers you to set and achieve stretch goals. Here are 3 reasons why coaching works:

  1. Staying Focused …We all have strengths and blind spots. When you stay focused on your strengths, your energy is positive. When you are hard on yourself, concentrating only on your blind spots, your energy is defeating. You can choose your focus.
  2. Offering Accountability … Sharing your goals with others affirms your commitment and holds you to your word. And knowing you’ll need to report to your coach about what you’ve done (or haven’t done) is a powerful motivator.
  3. Attention = Extraordinary Results …I bring value to my clients and their businesses by doing whatever it takes to help them produce extraordinary results. My attention does not just happen during regular sessions. I follow up as often as necessary. My goal is for you to know how important you are as a client, and as a human being.

Many of my clients have dramatically increased their income, improved their relationships, and won national awards. They had more fun, and less stress, while focused on their most important goals with a clear blueprint on how to achieve them.

My long-time client and highly sought-after real estate agent, Madeleine Romanello, explains.

I can help you excel to new heights in two ways:

  • One on one coaching. Get a customized plan for success with weekly calls/meetings to keep you achieving milestone after milestone.
  • Mastermind Executive Coaching – A 6-week collaborative group program.  Surround yourself with like-minded executives. With my leadership, you will help each other break down barriers to success, wealth and happiness. The next program begins in October.  Visit my website at for more information and to register.

Please email or call me to schedule a session or for more details.


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